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femmefata1eYou've just heard of a groovy new breed. It's non-shedding, medium sized, great with children, and highly intelligent. And it has no health problems! It's been created by a very thoughtful breeder who had your best intentions at heart!

Wow, you've got it made! The perfect dog! oh, and when it might be twice the price of a pedigree dog, won't your neighbours be envious!

Well if you fell for this, you're about to be taken for a ride.

Here are some cross-breed truths:

* There is no such thing as a "new" breed. Everything has been tried before, and invariably with pretty average results.
* When you mix breeds, it's extremely unlikely you'll get a "non-shedding, hypo-allergenic breed"
* There is absolutely no proof that a mixed breed is healthier than a pedigree dog.
* Mixed breed dogs cannot be shown.
* There is such a variability in offspring, that no breeder of mutts can guarantee why your pup will look like as an adult
* No breeder of mutts can offer a real guarantee for a "healthy, intelligent, great with children" mutt pup.
* Invariably, the parents of the mutt puppy are poor in quality. You will NEVER produce lovely pups from average (or worse) parents, regardless of breed or mixed breed)

In fact, you might want to join our new email list with the aim to learn more about cross breeds, with particular emphasis to temperament, coat type, genetics, and health. Click here.

So before you rush out and buy that cute little labradoodle, that golden-doodle, or labrashitz, keep in mind, you're about to be ripped off.

And for those of you who are niaive enough to IMPORT mutts such as labradoodles, and other such multi-doodle mutts, you are doing yourself and dogs a great injustice. If you feel the need for a mutt, please go to your local dog shelter, and rescue a pup from there.

So mutt breeders make me angry? Well, it's very disappointing to see people being ripped off when they could get a well bred pure bred dog for a cheaper price.

However, there are people out there who are willing to pay more for a cross breed, then they are a good pure bred dog. Sometimes they justify it because they may have read an article where some "celebrity" has one, so they need to have one. Let me tell you straight,if I had a dollar for every person who contacted me about their fancy cross breed that turned out to not have the characteristics they were told it would, I'd be a wealthy woman. Then there are the very angry people who will continue to justify their decision by telling me their dog "hardly sheds", or is "nearly hypo-allergenic". hmmmm.... too bad it doesn't though, like you were promised by the breeder.

Go and talk to a few groomers, talk to a few vets, and visit a few shelters before you try one of the cross breeds. You'll be sadly disappointed at the terrible stories you'll hear that will put it quickly into perspective. You'll see "fancy" cross breeds dumped at alarming rates, and you'll certainly want to know why.

And if you think that because the cross breed stock is imported from Australia so it must be good - let me tell you straight - I live in Australia, and amongst the knowing dog community, the cross breeds sold at ridiculous prices are seen as a disgrace. In fact, one of the so called "big names" in labradoodles has already tried to acquire my own pure bred dogs to mix with her own. Funny isn't it that the "bad" pure bred genes that cross breeders are trying to avoid and so quickly sought after by them. Goodness knows how those purebred genes magically fix themselves when the dogs are bred to another breed, with its own set of genes.

Unless cross breeders are really genetic scientists who are doing genetic modification, all you'll end up with in the mixed breed is a mix of a lot of things. This is why the F2, and F3 generations are seen as such disasters.


kaleera wrote:
Nov. 25th, 2007 10:06 pm (UTC)
Thank you for posting this!!! I am a professional dog groomer and the owner of a pure bred Labrador and a pure bred Standard Poodle and I intend to keep them that way. I can't tell you how many people have to come to me all proud that they have a non shedding dog. I smirk and tell them let me know how that's going when they hit ten months to a years age. I have nothing against mutts they can make great pets. I just think people are incredibly naive to pay all that money for them when they can get the same thing for a fraction of the cost at a local shelter. Not only will they be saving money, but they will most likely be saving that animals life! Thanks for all of the great posts, I can't wait to read more!!


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