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What the fuggle is a 'Puggle'??

  • Jun. 3rd, 2007 at 9:47 AM
femmefata1ePugs and Beagles
Two Distinct and Seperate Breeds

The recent attention given to a mixing of Pugs and Beagles resulting in Puggles is both disturbing and mysterious.

Why would anyone want to take two such diverse breeds and combine them? Each with their own personalities, breed characteristics, functions, history and most disturbing - health problems.

The Pug is an ancient breed dating back to the Major Han dynasty (206 b.c. to a.d.200) in China. They were bred for the emperors and other high officials. Today's Pug is simply a companion dog.

The breed has several health issues including the more common of elongated soft palates, to Pug Dog Encephalitis, which is always fatal, Hemi-vertebrae, which causes rear leg paralysis and Epilepsy. They are also prone to all sorts of eye problems and obesity.

Their biggest problem is they are such wonderful pets they have become popular and as is often the case this new found popularity is not good for the breed. (All of the above info can be found on the PDCA web site at www.pugs.org).

Upon checking the Beagle web site we find this breed is a hunting breed of note. He often works in packs. Is very active and not necessarily a lap dog.

The Beagle web site lists 97 health problems with about 20 listed as those with a higher incidence within the breed. These also include common problems such as elongated soft palates to epilepsy to severe eye problems.

Therefore, why take these two wonderful breeds and combine them to make a "breed of the month"? There are very good medical reasons not to mix such health issues and one wonder if the purchasers of these 'Puggles' are willing to not only pay the price of medical problems but also undergo the heartache when their fashionable breed experiences life threatening issues.

We urge reputable breeders, dog press and lovers of both breeds to join together in a concentrated effort to educate the public of the possibilities of unsound, unhealthily and questionable temperament whenever you mix breeds.

Charlotte Patterson
Director and former President of the Pug Dog Club of America


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